Carers urged to get COVID-19 booster now

A new study, published today by the University of Birmingham and UCL, adds further evidence to the importance of a booster vaccine for both carers and care home residents as they are encouraged to Get Boosted Now.

The Vivaldi study investigates the immune responses of staff and residents in long-term care homes who received a Pfizer booster vaccine. The results show up to a 12.3 fold increase in antibody response in residents without prior infection following their booster, reducing their risk of severe COVID-19 infections.

Where operationally viable, NHS England has requested vaccination centres offer priority access for frontline staff, including unpaid carers and social care staff, which includes access to queue management and priority lines. This makes it as easy as possible for anyone who is receiving or giving care, whether paid or unpaid, to get their booster this winter.



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