COVID 19 – Assessing the Financial Impact

Suffolk County Council is seeking views from care providers on the potential ongoing financial impact from COVID..  

The Council appreciates that the situation could change and are not factoring in any consequences of a second wave but concentrating on what could be the new normal costs going forward compared to what they were pre COVID.  

This will assist in the decision making for the 2021/22 budget setting process for the Council.  If you wish to take part, please complete the attached template and send back to  by Wednesday 9th September.  

The Council does not require any supporting evidence or additional information at this time but there is room to add in on the financial table any other significant non pay cost items that have seen an impact from COVID, where they are not already separately listed.  

The figures in the template are just for illustration and should be overwritten.

Thank you for your help 

Christian Bone
Chief Executive
Care Development East

Copy of Provider Covid info

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