Data Security & Protection Toolkit

DSPT …. Is it Just something else on your To do list !
Maybe you haven’t started your Data Security Protection Toolkit yet or You are stuck or just plain haven’t got the time

Let SAICP Help you FREE

The toolkit takes approximately 2 hours and we can help via TEAMS or come to you on a 1-1 basis

Most Registered Managers of Social Care Services will have heard of the Data Security and Protection Toolkit and whilst approaching 50% of providers have, at the least, registered to complete the Toolkit (and many, many have completed it) that means that more than 50% have done nothing about completing the Toolkit.

Of course, there is no legal requirement to complete the Toolkit right now ,but all the indicators are that it won’t be too long before some of the statutory bodies that you will have regular contact with such as Local Councils, CCGs and the CQC will begin to take a more active interest in whether or not Registered Care Providers have completed the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

Suffolk CCG are now pushing hard for Homes to publish their Data Security Protection Toolkit and gain Proxy access for safe online medication records. It’s a stipulation to take NHS funded residents !

CQC have indicated that this is an area that they will be taking a more serious interest in, probably next year.
David James, Head of Adult Social Care Policy at the Care Quality Commission has recently said:
“At present, it is not mandatory for care provider to complete the toolkit in order to demonstrate compliance with CQC standards. However, it is certainly one of the most effective and efficient ways of demonstrating compliance to our inspectors and we do expect providers to consider how information is accessed and shared by others and kept safe.”



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