Diabetic Foot Screening

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has guidance available for its Inspectors relating to diabetes care in care homes


A key element of the guidance is the recommendation that each home has: “A risk-calculation and assessment tool for diabetes foot disease”.

Use of such a tool by suitably trained staff can reduce unnecessary foot problems including amputations.  Therefore it is useful to have the ability to perform a ‘Diabetic Foot Screening’ examination for your residents/clients with diabetes, as every adult with diabetes should have this check at least once a year (in line with NICE guideline NG19).  Also, if foot related problems occur it means you are able to examine the person in question and provide useful and critical info to the GP/community team/diabetes nurse.

DUET diabetes (a NSCS Approved Training Provider) has been running ‘diabetic foot screening’ workshops since 2017 and during the coronavirus pandemic we have adapted the training to deliver as live and interactive webinar sessions; the next one planned for the Autumn.

In response to practitioners wishing to access our training but unable to attend the live workshops, we recently launched a NEW online training collaboration with Love Your Feet (LYF) CPD to bring the DUET diabetes ‘hands on feet’ training portfolio to the LYF-training platform, such as the ‘diabetic foot screening mini module series’.  This new initiative provides more choice for those looking to refresh their knowledge or upskill; the mini modules allow you to learn at a time and pace that suits you as well as the ability to re-visit the content (including demo videos) whenever you want to - see attached flyer.

The ‘diabetic foot screening’ training is available as a series of 4 mini modules, to find out more visit:


For any questions prior to purchasing, please call or email Duet Diabetes:

01799 584178


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