Exploring the World of Assistive Technology

Webinar - Thursday 22nd April 2021

VisionBridge and Sight and Sound Technology (SST) support the UK social care sector’s ongoing drive to improve standards of care by inviting all care providers to enhance their understanding of assistive technology.

In collaboration with Digital Social Care and Skills for Care leading distributor SST is reaching out to both CQC and non-CQC registered adult social care providers in an initiative that will ultimately benefit those receiving social care services, including older people and those with longer term conditions, learning disabilities or mental health challenges.

SST would like to offer all adult social care providers a sustained working knowledge of assistive technology which can improve the mobility, independence, personal security, mental health and emotional wellbeing of those receiving social care who are visually impaired or who may have visual processing and other sensory challenges.

Sight and Sound Technology would like to complement your skill set and help you help those in your care. We can introduce you to the extraordinary ongoing evolution in assistive technology that is giving users back their ability to navigate outside or around their homes or residential settings, read and watch tv, communicate with their carers and enjoy some downtime with their families and friends.

By offering these free of charge online, interactive sessions about assistive technology, SST is championing innovation, promoting best practice and harnessing the power of information and technology for the ultimate benefit of those receiving social care.

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