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Workforce Development Funding


In January 2018, QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework) qualifications were replaced by RQF (Regulated Qualifications Framework) qualifications. 

During the funding period 2018/19, if you are already undertaking a QCF qualification, these will be paid at £15 per credit, this funding can only be claimed upon the completion of the full qualification, even if you have partly claimed in the previous funding year.

Funding levels for RQF qualifications can be found on the RQF/QCF Funding Matrix

Funding available depends on the qualification completed.

Funding can no longer be ring-fenced and funding for qualifications will be available once a candidate has completed their full qualification.


Capping levels 2018/19

The capping levels have been set as follows:

QCF/RQF credits have an organisation cap of £7,500 per organisation per year. This means that where there are more than one NMDS registered establishments they will all be covered by this cap.

Please note that that there is a funding cap of £1,200 per candidate per funding year.

How to access Workforce Development Funding

To be eligible to claim WDF you must first of all follow these steps:

Join our Partnership. Each year, we bid for WDF on behalf of “The Partnership”. The Partnership is made up of a group of care providers. In order to access WDF care providers must formally join the partnership by completing a Members Declaration Form and sending it to the team at The Suffolk Brokerage. There is no cost to this. For organisations with more than one care service, only one declaration form must be completed and the separate services must then be listed on the additional pages of the form.

2018/19 Members Declaration Form

Complete and update National Minimum Dataset for Social Care (NMDS-SC). The National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) is an online workforce data collection system for the social care sector. It’s the leading source of robust workforce intelligence for adult social care. In order to be eligible to claim WDF providers must firstly register their organisation on NMDS-SC and ensure it is completed and up to date each financial year.

To access NMDS-SC click here   

Skills for Care has produced lots of information and guidance to help providers complete NMDS and this can be found on their website by clicking here 

If you have queries about your NMDS-SC or need help and guidance to complete it, there is a helpdesk for you to contact. Call 0845 8730129 or email nmds-support@skillsforcare.org.uk

Accessing funding

sb-trainingIn this funding year, funding will be available on a first come, first served basis. This does mean that the claiming process is now much simpler compared to previous years and is as follows: 

Whether claiming funding for a QCF or RQF, it is also very important to send in a claim form with every submission.

QCF - Your staff members who enrolled on a QCF at any level prior to January 2018 should continue with their studies as they were. The only
change is that from 1st April 2018, unit summary sheets will no longer be accepted and funding will only be available upon completion of the full qualification. This is the case for all learners completing a QCF, even if part of the qualification has already been funded. Simply submit a photocopy of the completion certificate and unit breakdown and we will work out the funding for you. Please note that funding for QCF qualifications is only available until 31st March 2019, any qualification not submitted by this time will not be eligible for funding.

RQF - Those who signed up after 1st January 2018 to complete a health and social care qualification will have automatically been enrolled onto an RQF. Awards, certificates and diplomas are all still available at levels 2, 3, 4 and 5. Funding for these qualification is available upon completion of the full qualification and can be claimed by submitting a photocopy of the completion certificate and the accompanied unit breakdown. For both QCF and RQF qualifications, once we receive photocopies of the certificates, we will check eligibility, including your NMDS status. We will then submit your claim to Skills for Care. If your claim is agreed by Skills for Care, we will pay your units on a first come first served basis. We cannot guarantee that all claims will be paid, if your claim is successful we will send you a cheque or pay you directly through BACS for the completed units.


Currently the Workforce Development Funding level for apprenticeships is the same as for the equivalent level RQF diploma.

Talk to Us

If you are unsure whether the qualifications your staff are undertaking are eligible for WDF or if you have any queries about the claiming process please talk to us on 01449 720400. Alternatively you can email us directly at wdf@caredevelopmenteast.co.uk.