Inspire the Next Generation

Do you want to inspire the Next Generation?

Becoming an Ambassador

Has there been someone in your past who has inspired your career choices? Could you be that person for the next generation? Being a Next Generation Ambassador can help develop your own confidence and skills, whilst building the profile of the organisation you work for.

How about becoming a Next Generation Ambassador?

If you are passionate about your work and want to encourage more people to explore Health and Care as a career, signing up to become a Next Generation Ambassador is a great place to start.

What does being a Next Generation Ambassador involve?

What are the benefits of being a Next Generation Ambassador?

Health and Care Academies

We are currently seeking Ambassadors from a range of different roles across Health and Care to facilitate sessions within Health and Care Academies. Each session within the Academy aims to give an insight into key roles responsibilities and career pathways within a specific area of the sector. Should you need it, we are able to offer full support in the design and content of these sessions. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Work Experience Portal

The aim of the work experience portal is provide a central place to advertise all work experience and Health and Care Academy opportunities available. These can be virtual opportunities or face to face, for both adults and young people across Suffolk and North East Essex.

We are currently seeking Ambassadors to facilitate ‘Let’s Talk About’ sessions, currently being advertised on the Portal. These are opportunities for an informal conversation and discussion with a maximum of 5 participants lasting up to an hour, with the aim of providing an insight into your role within health or care; highlighting entry routes, qualification timelines, different career opportunities available and an overview of the day to day routine or tasks for your particular role. These sessions are delivered via Microsoft Teams and you are able to choose a date and time convenient to you to facilitate these conversations, with the support of the Next Generation Project Coordinators.

Interested in becoming a Next Generation Ambassador?

If you would like more information about becoming a Next Generation Ambassador email: Lisa Sutton

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