Apprentice of The Year

Celebrating an Apprentice who is making an exceptional contribution to their workplace that has a positive impact on colleagues and clients or within the wider Care Community

Innovative Practice

Recognises a service or individual who has addressed specific challenges within their care setting by developing and implementing innovative processes. These may include the use of new technologies or adopting new ways of working.

Team of The Year

For the team that has worked together to overcome recent challenges and have gone above and beyond normal service requirements, making a positive impact on the service that they offer to clients, partners or the wider community.

End of Life Care

This award will go to the team that has demonstrated a rounded approach to end of life care that surpasses what might be expected. The judges will be looking at how support is offered not only to customers but to their relatives and the staff that care for them.

Having Fun in Adversity

Celebrating a team or individual who has maintained the morale of clients and colleagues during the unprecedented challenges of the last 12 months. They will have raised the morale of staff and customers through an imaginative and innovative use of resources and raised a smile along the way!

Maintaining Connections

For maintaining strong links with the local community and finding new ways of keeping customers in touch with relatives and loved ones. The judges will be looking for individuals or teams who have created new lines of communication to help during restrictions when visiting has been difficult.

Community & Volunteer Actions

Recognising an individual or group within a local community who have gone out of their way to support a local care provider or individuals working in the care sector. This could be through ensuring continuity of day to day services or by providing emotional support to staff and residents.

Inspirational Leadership

Rewarding exceptional leadership skills. This will go to an individual who has motivated their team to achieve success in a challenging environment. Passionate about the work they do they will have demonstrated tenacity, resilience and emotional intelligence.

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