“People don’t expect men to do this type of role”

Addam Davey joined Guinness Care four months ago. Here's why he wants more men to consider taking on a caring role.

Care and support work can be one of the most rewarding job roles out there. With customers depending on you for assistance and support, it’s a job that requires its employees to have compassion and a love of helping people.

The role itself isn’t without its challenges. But people working in a care-based role regularly speak highly of the rapport they form with their customers, and the joy they get from helping people.

Anyone can be a carer, and with an organisation like Guinness Care, you can study towards your qualifications as you work. That’s why it’s so surprising that the care industry is still struggling with a diversity problem.

With just 18% of the care-based workforce being male, it seems that men are still reluctant to apply for the role. As a traditionally female-orientated industry, some men may feel they are not welcome, or would not be suitable for the position.

However, nothing could be further from the truth, as that number is rising, and more men are starting to take on caring roles. 

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