Sustainable Care Programme

The Sustainable Care Programme is brought to you by Care Development East in partnership with MENTA.

The programme has been designed to provide managers in the care sector with additional skills, tools and confidence to lead, motivate and support their teams more effectively during these increasingly challenging times.

The programme will focus on 3 key areas:-

What will be covered?
Help participants to identify the key activities they need to focus on to develop the business on a sustainable footing and prioritise and manage their time appropriately.

Help Managers understand and track important metrics such as ‘empty beds’ and the minimum occupancy levels required to ‘break even’ and survive difficult periods (e.g. over winter).

Help Managers to be pro-active and anticipate the actions they need to take to keep all the ‘plates spinning’.
Develop familiarity and capability of social media as a key marketing tool by undertaking a review of existing social media activity and capability to identify any improvements that can be made.

Participants to develop/improve the skills they need to manage their people effectively through motivation, knowing your people and effective performance management.

Build awareness and capability of the need to anticipate potential risks before they become an issue and develop sustainable processes and contingency plans to ‘keep the show on the road’.

Help Managers to undertake difficult conversations and manage conflict effectively.

The sessions will be facilitated virtually via Zoom and will provide an opportunity for people managers to work together, exploring their challenges and sharing best practices as well as gaining new insights, tools and techniques. Sessions will run roughly every 2-3 weeks over a 6 month period.

Once you register for the programme, we will send you a skills diagnostic and further details of each session to help you choose the sessions that will be of most benefit to you.

Who can participate?
The programme has been designed to support those with people management responsibilities. The programme is fully funded, with all costs being met by Care Development East on your behalf.

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