What Workforce Challenges Are You Facing?

The Suffolk Growth Programme Board is taking a lead for Suffolk local authorities on collating and - where useful - coordinating efforts as part of Suffolk’s response and recovery in relation to Covid-19. The Skills Team at Suffolk County Council are taking a lead for the workstream focused on the Suffolk workforce, skills and employment and are therefore looking to obtain as clear a picture of the current scenario as possible. If you have any information or insights related to the following bullets that you would be able to share to help inform this work they would be very grateful to hear from you. Please contact Michael Gray on michael.gray@suffolk.gov.uk or 07740 422921.

• What workforce challenges / issues are you currently experiencing? (e.g. redundancies, extent of furloughing, lack of workforce availability)
• Are your skills and training needs still being supported and - if not - what impact is that having on your service/product/offer? (e.g. staff having to complete tasks for which they have not received ideal levels of training)
• To what extent have you suspended or cancelled training (e.g. number of apprentices made redundant or asked to have a break in learning)
• To what extent is your future recruitment likely to be affected (e.g. limited recruitment of new entrants, less ability to provide work experience/internships)
• What longer term workforce and skills challenges are you most concerned about?

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